With the clear skies and cool weather, we decided to take advantage and cook some delicious food.  The boys went out and dug a  fire pit, then filled it in with wood chips leaving the area ready for Fridays activities. The fire was started using wilderness techniques, with a bow and hand drill.

Coal Smoke

After letting the fire burn down to red coals,  the group went to prepare the meals by cutting vegetables and meats then placing them in layers of tin foil. Everyone made theirs a little different, some had BBQ flavors while others kept it simple using only salt and pepper.

O 1 (2) (Medium)

Once all the meals were made and ready to cook, they placed the foiled dinners into the fire by using shovels and sticks. The smell of spices, willow wood smoke filled the air, The boys found it difficult to wait long enough to let the food cook before enjoying the meal. All and all it was a good day!O 1 (Medium)A 1 (Medium)