Unlocking Lasting Success: Your Guide to Financial Support at Discovery Ranch

When it comes to helping teenagers combat mental health and behavioral issues, residential treatment stands out as one of the most successful approaches. To make the right decision for your family, it's crucial to be fully informed. Regardless of whether you choose a residential treatment center or an outpatient program, your child's growth will accelerate significantly. Ensuring genuine recovery before adulthood is their best shot at achieving lasting success.

At Discovery Ranch, we provide support for parents dealing with health insurance billing. Insurance companies often assist parents who can prove the necessity of treatment. Contact our admissions representative at 855-662-9318 for further information on insurance-related concerns.


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When teenagers make poor choices, they often face negative consequences. However, the repercussions are far greater for adults who engage in similar behaviors. This is why it is crucial for teens to receive residential treatment as it helps prevent long-term costs and challenges. Without adequate intervention, teens may struggle to complete high school or college and could find themselves entangled in criminal activities, leading to costly legal fees.

A common concern among parents is how they will cover the expenses associated with treatment. While residential treatment can be expensive, it is important not to let finances deter you from seeking help. At Discovery Ranch, we offer a complimentary service to help you assess your potential insurance coverage without any obligations.

Apart from medical insurance, some parents have found assistance through private donors and crowdfunding platforms. Additionally, low-interest treatment loans are also available. Allow us to assist you in exploring all the resources that may be accessible to you.

At Discovery Ranch, we are committed to supporting parents with health insurance billing. Many insurance companies are willing to provide coverage when the necessity for treatment is demonstrated. For more information regarding your specific insurance situation, please contact one of our admissions representatives at 855-662-9318.

Health Insurance

Accordingly, Discovery Ranch will assist parents with health insurance billing.

We have also successfully collected some insurance money (assuming the clinical information rises to the level of medical necessity). Don't hesitate to get in touch with an admissions counselor for more details about specific insurance issues.

Financial Loan

Overall, here is a financial loan company we recommend for families.

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the healthcare industry. With over $3 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 people empowered, this is a name and a program you can trust.

Also here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending:

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Another option we recommend

Optimum Practical Financial
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Tax Deduction Information

Please provide the following information to your tax advisor so they can assist you in making the proper deduction.

Another key point is that you may wish to refer to Internal Revenue Code (Section 213a) for additional information on allowable deduction percentages of expenses related to the care of your teen.

Additionally, court examples of rulings that support medical expense deduction related to enrollment in a special school for your child may assist you.

  • Griesdorf, Lawrence, (1970) 54 TC 1684)
    • Enrollment of a child not cooperating in school and often physically sick related to the result of parental divorce and father’s suicide.
  • Urbauer, Charles, (1992) TC Memo 1992-170)
    • Enrollment of a 17-year-old with severe behavioral and drug abuse-related problems in a college preparatory school program designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of students with problems.

When the proper criteria are met, all tuition (including all food and lodging) and additional expenses including transportation to and from the program should be discussed as a deduction with your tax advisor. Also, phone calls and other related expenses you incur should also be discussed with your tax advisor.

Additional Resources for Your Tax Advisor

  • Internal Revenue Code Section 213(a)
  • Treasury Regulation Section 1.123-1(e)
  • Revenue Ruling 70-285
  • Private Letter Ruling 8447014
  • Court Cases: Griesdorf, Lawrence, (1970) 54 TC 1684;
  • Pazos, Jose, (1987) TC Memo 1987-131;
  • Urbauer, Charles, (1992) TC Memo 1992-170

Empowering Youth Mental Health: Scholarships and Support through Choose Mental Health


Choose Mental Health has embarked on a transformative nationwide journey, reshaping the landscape of mental health care for the younger generation. Functioning as a nonprofit entity, their primary endeavor revolves around the mobilization of funds to facilitate scholarships. These scholarships play a crucial role in ensuring that children and youth, irrespective of their financial capabilities, gain access to superlative treatment.

Within the heart of their mission lies an unwavering commitment to delivering nothing short of the finest solutions, aid, and sustenance to these young individuals.

Discovery Ranch aligns seamlessly with the mission of Choose Mental Health, sharing a common goal to offer hope and empowerment to children and youth. By uniting with Choose Mental Health, we stand alongside 30 million young lives struggling with mental health challenges, collectively becoming a beacon of support.