When can my child enroll?

We have open enrollment. We prefer you enroll on a weekday so you can meet the therapist, staff, and administrators that you will be working with but we enroll students any day of the week.

How do I know if an inpatient environment is right for my child?

Most parents exhaust themselves trying to monitor, outwit and provide 24-hour structure for their teen. They sacrifice time with other family members, personal time, and job performance trying to help their troubled teen all without any real success. Many feel guilty they are unable to change their child’s behavior. Some feel angry that after 24/7 effort the only result is fatigue and frustration. Our admissions expert can help you determine the best treatment option for your child. As you explain the steps you’ve taken, i.e. in and/or outpatient treatment, she can help you get a new perspective. If your child is refusing outpatient, or able to manipulate outpatient therapists, that is usually a good indicator you need residential professionals.

What if my child doesn’t like animals, or is afraid of horses. Would DR still work?

Absolutely! The skills we teach our students, the academic excellence, as well as being nurturing and structured, have proven successful with teens. In fact, students who benefit the most aren’t the ones who “love animals”. They are teens who are learning to explore new ideas, open themselves up to other experiences, and gain a better appreciation for activities and individuals outside of their comfort zone.

How often do students go off Campus?

We want our students to feel part of the community at large so we make it a point to get off campus as often as possible. Since the ranch is located in the heart of recreational and educational centers, our students enjoy everything from going to playing at city parks, attending holiday parades, performing level advancement community service projects, camping, mountain biking, trail rides, etc. We have scheduled level incentive activities and academic experiential field trips. As a general rule, the higher the student’s level, the more often they go off campus.

How do visits, calls home and home visits work?

Visits are coordinated through the student’s therapist and happen as parents can arrange them (yes, in between parent days too). We strongly urge all parents to come to our parent days which are in Feb., June, and Oct. You will talk to your child once a week at the family therapy sessions. Students who have earned higher levels can make additional calls every other weekend.

What is the average length of stay?

The length of stay varies for each student, depending on their therapeutic progress. Some students have reached our highest level in 7 months and some have taken nearly 2 years. When we crunched the numbers, the average stay is 8-10 months.

What about involving brothers and sisters in the family therapy session or visits?

We welcome families, and the therapist will help to guide that important family process as the timing is right.

How much interaction is there between the boys and the girls?

The boys ranch and girls ranch have the option to plan co-ed therapeutic activities. Normally there are two types of groups (Equine Therapy and Adoptions) where students have some interaction.  These are highly supervised and structured and create a bridge, so to speak, for normalcy and future interactions.  We teach appropriate and healthy relationships.  However, dating is not allowed.

Is Discovery Ranch academics accredited and do students go on to college?

Yes. We are accredited by the Utah State Board of Education and through the Northwest Accredited Commission. We are a branch campus of Discovery Academy. When a student graduates academically the diploma reads Discovery Academy. Many of our students go on to a college or University. Some are currently attending Baylor, UVU, Stetson University, William and Mary, Villanova, and Tulsa Welding School to name a few.

We invite you to get to know us better by exploring our website, or, if you prefer, calling our admissions department at 855-662-9318.

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