Empowering Teens Through Our Teen Treatment Program

Is your teenage son struggling with mental health challenges?

It can be challenging to watch your child go through tough times without knowing how to help them. As a parent, it's natural to want to rescue them from their problems. However, sometimes what they need is to learn how to deal with those challenges.

That's where our teen treatment program comes in. At Discovery Ranch, we provide a comprehensive approach that combines intensive therapy with experiential learning activities. Through our program, your son will acquire the tools he needs to recognize and regulate his emotions so that he can control his actions.

We understand that this journey won't be easy, but we're committed to helping your son navigate his challenges and emerge stronger. With our guidance, he'll develop lifelong skills that will serve him well into adulthood. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your family.

From Lost to Found: Discovery Ranch Transforms Life's

Student Review

Everything used to feel so incredibly out of reach and now it's all right in front of me at my fingertips. All the skills I have and the emotional maturity and strength all started at the ranch and I carried it with me and was the stepping stone to becoming the man I am today.

Student Review

Everything has come super full circle recently and has really made me think about you and the ranch/treatment etc. 5 years ago the life I’m living now was never even considered or a possibility and I am forever grateful for you always believing in me.

Clinical, Academic, Residential, and Experiential Departments All Working Together.

At Discovery Ranch, we understand the importance of a united approach when it comes to helping struggling teens. Our Clinical, Academic, Residential, and Experiential departments all collaborate using our Integrated Care model to achieve one shared goal: your teen's success. Through consistent feedback and support, we ensure that your teen is receiving the best possible care and achieving their therapeutic goals every day. Let us help your family become whole again.

Clinical Expertise

Are you worried about your teen's behavior? Our treatment team of experienced clinicians at Discovery Ranch is here to help. With a focus on personalized care, each clinician works with a small group of just six students, ensuring top-quality treatment for your son. Rest assured that our highly qualified team, holding a Master's or Doctorate, is dedicated to helping struggling teens. Trust us to provide the support and peace of mind you need.

Clinical Services

Academic Excellence

Is your son struggling with mental health or learning difficulties? It can hamper his education. Discovery Ranch offers customized classes to cater to his unique educational requirements. From credit recovery to honors and AP options, we support his growth and help him excel on his educational journey. Choose personalized learning for your child's brighter future.


Residential Services

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Discovery Ranch spans over 20 acres providing the ideal setting for your son's personal growth. Our extensive residential program is backed by a highly experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities, including equine therapy, sports, and ranch activities. We ensure that every activity aligns with our mission of fostering therapeutic progress. From participating in community services to engaging in diverse activities, we instill in your son traits like resilience, self-confidence, and success in life's challenges. 

Residential Services

Experiential Therapy

Discover Ranch takes pride in its experiential therapy approach that prioritizes building strong connections between struggling teens and its dedicated team of therapists, mentors, and teachers. We offer a diverse range of individual and group therapies coupled with engaging hands-on activities like Equine Therapy, Rec Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy. This immersive therapeutic experience ensures consistent engagement and effective results for lasting success. Join us to witness our proven method in action!

Experiential Therapy

Extensive Family Involvement

At Discovery Ranch, we understand the crucial role parents play in their son's recovery. That's why our treatment program includes parental involvement. Through weekly family therapy, Parents Day, and occasional visits, you will have direct participation in your son's recovery process. Moreover, our confidential online parent's portal allows you to monitor your son's progress effectively. Be a part of your child's journey to a healthy future with Discovery Ranch.

Parental Participation