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Don't let your son suffer in silence! At Discovery Ranch, we offer premier residential treatment for teen boys struggling with mental health challenges.

1000+ Family's Served

18+ Years in Business

Highly Experienced Therapists

With an average of over 23 years of experience, our therapists are experts in helping teenage boys navigate mental health crises.


More Therapy Hours

Healing takes time. That's why we offer between 10 and 15 hours of individual, family, group, and experiential therapy sessions per week for each teenage boy.


Personalized Treatment Options

We believe that every teenage boy is unique and deserves individualized treatment. That's why we offer a wide variety of therapy options.


Comprehensive Treatment for Your Teenage Son

At Discovery Ranch, we offer a holistic healing environment that combines personalized care and experienced support with challenging therapeutic experiences that help highly sensitive teenage boys overcome mental health struggles, build resilience, and gain the skills necessary to thrive throughout their lives.

Parents choose Discovery Ranch for their teenage sons because of our:

This unique combination ensures comprehensive care specifically tailored to effectively address the unique needs of teenage boys.

With an impressive track record of aiding more than 1000 families in their emotional recovery, Discovery Ranch is pleased to report that 96% of students have acknowledged the positive impact of the program on themselves and their families. This achievement is reinforced by outcome studies and glowing testimonials from grateful parents.

Transformative Journey: Testimonials from Alumni

Parent Alumni Review

Discovery Ranch prompted a change in our son and our family that probably would never have happened otherwise. I am forever grateful to his amazing family therapist and the other therapists at the ranch. They are so caring and knowledgeable. The ranch environment is second to none, harboring hard work and relationships. I'd encourage anyone that has been in the traditional counseling arena with their child to consider Discovery Ranch. It was a life changer for us and I can not be happier with the decision we made.

Student Review

I'm a successful graduate of the DR program. I can say it was tough, but for the better. I was able to turn my life around, mend my relationship with my parents and siblings, and go on to graduate college with a 4 year degree. I am now working in a successful career in the finance sector and recently bought a house in my early 20s. DR is not easy while you are there, but if your child applies themselves, it can help them straighten their life out. The staff are great and made my time there pleasant and am friends with them after the program.

Integrated CARE Model: Our Clinical, Academic, Residential, and Experiential Departments All Work Together.

At Discovery Ranch, all of our professional departments work together with the same goal in mind: helping your teen learn, grow, and heal so your family can be whole again. Using an Integrated Care model, our Clinical, Academic, Residential, and Experiential departments all work together to streamline your teen's experience. These departments will provide ongoing feedback and support that will help your teen achieve their therapeutic goals on a daily basis.



At Discovery Ranch, our expert therapeutic team specializes in helping struggling teens. Each clinician is highly qualified, holding a Master's or Doctorate, and focuses their specialized interventions on a small group of just six students. This approach guarantees personalized care for your son, providing peace of mind with our top-quality support.

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At Discovery Ranch, we understand that challenges like a mental illness, health concerns, anxiety, school avoidance, depression, and learning difficulties can impact your son's education. Our school provides tailored classes, including credit recovery, regular, honors, and AP options, to help your son catch up or accelerate his learning journey. We're committed to supporting his unique educational needs.

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Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains on a sprawling 20+ acre campus, Discovery Ranch provides a premier environment for your son's personal growth. Our comprehensive residential program boasts highly skilled staff and exceptional indoor and outdoor facilities for equine therapy, ranch activities, and sports, ensuring each activity promotes therapeutic and meaningful progress. Through engaging in various activities and community service, your son will build success, self-confidence, and the resilience needed to face life's challenges.

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At Discovery Ranch, we focus on experiential therapy, building strong connections through daily interactions with our dedicated team, including therapists, mentors, and teachers. Your son will engage in therapy while participating in hands-on activities like Equine Therapy, Rec Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy. This immersive approach ensures constant therapeutic engagement, making the experience more effective for struggling teens. Our proven method fosters lasting success in our program.

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Building a Brighter Future for Your Son

Understanding the unique challenges and emotional turmoil that families face when their teenage sons are struggling with mental health difficulties. With our extensive experience, gained through successfully assisting numerous families to navigate the complexities of mental health challenges, we are deeply committed to providing the most effective care and support.

At Discovery Ranch, we recognize that every teenager and family situation is unique. That's why we've developed tailored treatment solutions specifically designed to address the individual needs of struggling teenage boys and their families. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the specific requirements and expectations of each family we work with.

Our treatment program is carefully crafted to encompass a range of therapeutic modalities and supportive interventions, all aimed at fostering healing and growth. We focus on the following key components:


Highly Experienced Therapists

At Discovery Ranch, your son will benefit from the expertise of therapists with an average of 23 years of experience. Our seasoned professionals are adept at guiding teenage boys through mental health crises, ensuring the best care possible for your child.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Discovery Ranch provides customized treatment programs designed to address a variety of mental health concerns frequently experienced by adolescent boys. These include anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, ASD, ADHD, relationship difficulties, behavioral issues, and more. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that every student receives individualized support that effectively tackles their unique challenges.

More Therapy Hours

We understand that healing takes significant time and effort, which is why Discovery Ranch offers between 10 and 15 hours of individual, family, group, and experiential therapy sessions per week for each teenage boy. This extensive therapy provision allows ample opportunity for growth and progress in a nurturing environment.

Family-focused Healing

We believe that family plays a crucial role in your son's recovery at Discovery Ranch. That's why we prioritize family therapy as an essential part of our treatment program. By including families in the healing journey, we create a secure and nurturing environment where both your teen and your whole family can find solace and healing that lasts.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Discovery Ranch employs licensed therapists who deliver a mix of traditional and experiential therapies in a safe, structured environment accredited by the Joint Commission. By offering evidence-based treatments like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Neurofeedback (NFB), Discovery Ranch ensures that teens receive effective care supported by research and proven results.

Experiential Therapy Integration

Discovery Ranch integrates innovative experiential therapies like our calf-adoption program, equine therapy, and recreational therapy into its treatment approach. These methods enhance emotional well-being and healing by providing students with opportunities for significant therapeutic breakthroughs that go beyond conventional talk therapy. Additionally, students can apply the skills they learn in therapy to real-world scenarios, allowing them to practice and enhance their coping abilities.

24/7 Supportive Community

By selecting Discovery Ranch, you are enrolling your son in a program that offers round-the-clock support from a caring community of peers and knowledgeable staff. This support creates a protective environment for teenagers during difficult times, nurturing their emotional development, alleviating feelings of isolation, and encouraging beneficial changes in their behavior.

Academic Excellence + Emotional Well-being

By enrolling at Discovery Ranch, parents can expect a supportive community that not only nurtures their son's emotional well-being but also prioritizes his academic success.

By selecting Discovery Ranch, you are making a valuable investment in your son's emotional well-being and academic success. Our team of experienced professionals will create personalized therapy plans to cater to his needs. Moreover, our supportive community is committed to fostering his growth and development.

Enriching Experiences: Outdoor Adventures and More at
Discovery Ranch


Discover How Our Residential Treatment Helps Teenage Boys in Crisis!

Gain Peace of Mind

You can trust that your son will be in the hands of knowledgeable professionals who are empathetic and skilled. Our therapists approach each session with compassion, ensuring your son feels supported and motivated as he heals.

Accelerate Your Son's Recovery

We provide 10-15 hours of therapy sessions each week for every teenage boy in our program. These sessions include individual, family, group, and experiential therapies.

Benefit from Personalized Care for Your Son

We provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your son's individual needs and circumstances. With a variety of therapy options like experiential, recreational therapy, DBT, equine therapy, and more.

Who is the Ideal Student for Discovery Ranch

During the development of our teen treatment center, we noticed a significant pattern: the majority of our students can be categorized as highly sensitive teenagers. While this unique characteristic can be a wonderful gift, it also puts these young individuals in a vulnerable position when they lack the necessary coping skills and resilience. The heightened sensitivity in teenagers can lead to various challenges, including intense emotional disturbances and complex behavioral health issues. This is largely due to their intricate and deeply felt responses to their surroundings and social interactions. As this sensitivity often contributes to a range of mental health challenges, Discovery Ranch has expertise in assisting teenagers who face the following difficulties:


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The Journey to Healing Insights from Discovery Ranch Alumni


Our commitment to delivering the best care possible for your adolescent at Discovery Ranch. We leverage the transformative power of outcomes to accomplish this goal. Outcomes, which go beyond simple statistics, are critical in monitoring client progress, assessing program effectiveness, and driving ongoing enhancements.

95% Of Parents

Upon completion, an impressive amount of parents conveyed their satisfaction with the outstanding quality of Discovery Ranch

96% Of Students

As students graduate, an overwhelming majority of students have expressed that their experience at Discovery Ranch has positively impacted not just themselves, but their families as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents recognize if their child needs residential treatment?

Recognizing the need for teen residential treatment program can be a challenging decision for parents. Here are some signs to consider:

  • Failed Outpatient Therapy: If previous attempts at outpatient therapy have been unsuccessful in addressing the child's behavioral or emotional issues, it may indicate the need for a more intensive level of care.
  • Persistent Behavioral Issues: Parents should pay attention to persistent behavioral issues at home or school that have not improved despite interventions. Waiting until a crisis occurs or until the child reaches a critical age, such as approaching 18, may delay necessary treatment.
  • Lack of Accountability: When there is a lack of accountability in therapy sessions, where the child may manipulate or avoid addressing their issues, it can signal the need for a structured environment like residential treatment. In outpatient therapy, there may be limited involvement of parents, leading to a disconnect between therapy sessions and real-life situations.
  • Resistance to Change: If the child shows resistance to change or lacks motivation to engage in therapy, despite clear signs of distress or dysfunction, it may indicate the need for a more intensive treatment approach.

Parents should not wait until a crisis occurs or until other interventions have failed before considering a residential treatment program. Recognizing persistent issues, lack of progress in therapy, and resistance to change are key indicators that may suggest the need for a higher level of care for their child.

How Does Discovery Ranch Incorporate Family Involvement Into the Treatment Process?

Discovery Ranch strives to heal your family as a whole. You and your son will work to rebuild your relationship with weekly family therapy sessions, family visits, and Parent Day Seminars. You will also be able to observe your son's progress through our secure, password-protected parent portal. For many parents, this focus on parental participation is the reason they choose our program.

How Does Discovery Ranch Ensure a Therapeutic and Supportive Environment for My Son's Healing Journey?

The entire residential facility is designed to create a rich therapeutic and healing environment. In this experiential, safe, and supportive environment, your son will confront his challenges with the goal of healing and increasing his capacity which builds his self-confidence and self-esteem. You can be assured that your son will not confront these challenges alone. He will have the support of well-trained and experienced clinical, academic, residential, and experiential staff members. Your son will have the opportunity to build the strength and resilience he needs to thrive at home.

Why is the Schedule, Structure, and Routine So Important for the Boys at Discovery Ranch?

Our structured environment promotes predictability and safety. This lays the groundwork for building trust and establishing positive relationships. We call this the "relational model." This structured environment teaches students the concept of cause-and-effect, that our actions have consequences. Over time as they learn these concepts, the prominence of this structure becomes less important, allowing relationships to blossom.

So rather than hindering relationships, the structure serves as a catalyst, providing clear boundaries and frameworks that foster trust and flourishing connections within a safe space.

Discovery Ranch Uses a "Relational" and a "Relationship-Based" Approach. What Does That Mean?

Relational meaning that there is a cause and effect. That our actions have consequences and effect our lives.

Relationship-based: as students grow beyond being motivated by relational means, they gain motivation, self awareness, and strength to change from the relationships they nurture in their lives.

What Outdoor Activities Are Available for My Son While at Discovery Ranch?

While at Discovery Ranch, your son will participate in a variety of outdoor activities. This will provide him with the experience of a lifetime because Utah has a natural landscape that is second to none. The ranch has the best of both worlds: a small-town atmosphere with access to world-class skiing, and outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful mountains and close to two major universities and hospitals.

How Much Therapy Do the Boys at Discovery Ranch Get Each Week?

The Boys at Discovery Ranch Receive a Total of 10 to 15 Hours of Therapy Each Week.

What Kinds of Therapy Do the Boys at Discovery Ranch Participate in Each Week?

Therapy plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being of adolescents at Discovery Ranch. Boys at the ranch receive a total of 10 to 15 hours of therapy each week.

This consists of 10 hours of therapy that every student takes part in, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Recreational therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Social skills development
  • Process groups
  • Caseload intervention groups

In addition to the regularly scheduled therapy every week, each student will also have the opportunity to participate in an additional 1 to 5 hours of group therapy that is specifically designed to meet their individual needs. These personalized interventions may cover topics like:

  • healthy relationships
  • neurofeedback
  • navigating adoption and attachment
  • coping with grief and loss
  • overcoming trauma & PTSD
  • and more depending on the current needs of the students at Discovery Ranch.

Why Does Discovery Ranch Require Its Students to Adopt Calves as Part of the Program?

Through the calf program, teenagers are given the opportunity to develop a sense of love and responsibility by caring for calves. This program effectively transforms self-centered attitudes into an understanding of the value of hard work, sacrifice, and service. Teenagers experience a sense of achievement when their calf thrives and in the event of its passing, the program provides a structured and safe environment to deal with the emotions of loss. As the calves mature, teenagers learn about letting go and apply those lessons to their everyday life and relationships. Through this program, teenagers gain insight into concepts such as grief, attachment, and detachment, ultimately building resilience in a secure and supportive environment.

What Extracurricular Activities Are Offered at Discovery Ranch?

In addition to taking part in the equine therapy and horsemanship programs, he will have access to the fully-equipped music studio. He can participate in various sports teams, such as basketball, flag football, wrestling, and cross-country running. As part of the therapeutic learning process, all boys participate in weekly ropes activities that build character and help develop lifelong skills.

What is the School Like at Discovery Ranch?

At Discovery Ranch, you don't have to worry about choosing therapy over academics. Here, academics and therapy go hand-in-hand. Your teen will be part of a small, nurturing learning community. This is possible because the academic support is highly individualized. Your teen will not have to compete for attention among thirty or more students. Here, teacher and teacher's aides teach a class of four to twelve students. Your teen will experience individualized attention every day. Discovery Ranch has successfully guided many students through high school completion and assisted in the transition to college, vocational training, and employment.

We're Proud to Achieve the Highest Standards of Accreditations and Professional Memberships


Backed by The Joint Commission which ensures programs adhere to the highest quality of clinical and medical practices.


Designated as a NATSAP Research Program, showing our commitment to well-researched practices in our program.


Full member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), which ensure regulation of programs that serve children and adolescents.


Discovery Ranch South is fully licensed in the state of Utah.


This program is proud to be Cognia Accredited.


Founding member of Choose Mental Health, guiding families with questions about mental health.

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