When your son arrives at Discovery Ranch, he will be welcomed to a campus that looks and feels like home. He will live in one of two beautiful homes with kitchens and living rooms, and enjoy an indoor basketball court, indoor riding areas, outdoor riding arenas, an indoor rock climbing wall, and a gym. In addition, there is an academic area which includes classrooms, an art room, a testing center, and a library.

More than just a name, Discovery Ranch is a fully functional ranch. Your son will explore the 22-acre campus during experiential learning activities such as horsemanship training. He will also help to care for a rescue calf, which will be completely dependent on him for survival.

Discovery Ranch is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains near ski resorts, Zions National Parks, and other recreation centers. You and your son may explore the area during off-campus visits.

How often can I visit the campus or my son?

Parents can come and visit as often as time permits and is therapeutically indicated. Student visits will progress from on-campus to off-campus, overnight, and eventually to home visits. Visits are designed to examine where the student and parents are behaviorally and therapeutically.

We invite you to visit our campus any time, or take this virtual tour to get a first-hand look at our facilities.