Here is a letter from a struggling teen’s parent to one of our therapists, Dr. Wendy Turnbow. I thought this would be great for others to see as well. – Clint Dorny, Discovery Ranch Executive Director

Dear Wendy –

I would like to share a few thoughts with you. These are not meant to be ingratiating in any way but are truly meant with great sincerity.

While I have never doubted for a moment how hard all the staff at DR work, in our phone conversation week before last you mentioned reading each of the boys’ journals and suddenly I became overwhelmed with realizing just how full each day/week must be for you.  Assuming a case load of 8 boys, each week this means:

  • 8 1-hour individual therapy sessions with each boy
  • additional therapy time with each boy
  • 8 1-hour phone calls for family therapy
  • reading incoming/outgoing mail for 8 boys
  • reading 56 journal entries
  • reading the daily logs from residential staff and academic staff for 8 boys
  • writing case notes for 8 boys
  • process group
  • equine group
  • treatment team
  • responding to phone calls and emails from parents
  • dealing with staff issues
  • dealing with crisis and emergencies
  • handling and managing all the stuff I don’t know about or have not even thought of…..

I cannot even imagine how you get it all done. You never seem rushed, you never seem bored (even though you have surely read, heard and seen it all umpteen times before), and you never seem impatient.  Instead you exude grace, patience, warmth, humor and genuine care each and every time we interact with you.

This note of thanksgiving is to let you know I feel truly blessed to have you in our lives.