Rodeo 2011

The 3rd Annual Discovery Ranch Rodeo was held on June 24th. Our Rodeo announcers were Kendall and Brendan. Do I need to say more?

Jerry and Jake were the judges. It was a perfect day for a rodeo. The stands were filled to capacity, the smell of food cooking on the BBQ was in the air, the judges were mounted on the finest horses in the country –  even John Wayne would be envious.

The American flag entered the arena and the national anthem was sung with pride/ Then the announcement was made, “Let the Rodeo Begin,” and the crowd went crazy. The contestants entered the arena riding the finest horses west of the Mississippi, dressed in DR (“The Strength is in the Struggle”) apparel. The sight took our breath away.

There were 3 event’s: break away, barrel’s,  and saddle bronc riding – which was not a planned event but it did occur. With the exception of a few minor injuries, the rodeo was a success from everyone’s point of view. Our Grand Champion was Lex, second place was Manny and we had a tie for 3rd with Brendan and Hannah. All four participants earned a trail ride with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, affectionately known as Jerry and Jake.  by Leslie Giles, Residential Director