The Ranch recently welcomed four new students who will spend the next year just sort of hanging around the barn. These aren’t average students. They’re four little foals donated by a local rancher. The rancher understands the Discovery process isn’t really about raising horses. It’s about helping students gain strength and confidence, in part, by working with horses and calves.

Our new little students are just four months old and will spend almost a year becoming accustomed to humans. Experiential Director Jerry Christensen says they’ll need to be yearlings before any formal training begins. In the meantime, he and select students will “halter break” the horses – getting the animals used to the feel of the halter – and helping them learn how to behave around humans.

While these foals are developing, Jerry and Assistant Experiential Director Jake Thorson, as well as select students, will begin working with four older horses that were donated last year. “Colt Class” begins October 27. Follow our blog or Facebook site to see highlights of their experience.