Male Student Parent Days July 13-14 2006

Total parents attended-20 (one mother left before eval) 19 evaluations received


(5 is the best, no 1 or 2 scored ) 345N/AAVG
1.) Calf Feeding231314.6
2.) Parent Support Group12164.8
3.) Parent Seminar04154.8
4.) Meeting with Teachers21344.1
5.) Equine Therapy02174.9
6.) Ropes Activities111614.8
7.) Horsemanship34844.3
8.) Talent Show27104.4
9.) Meals05144.7
10.) Slide show presentation05144.7
11.) Overall Rating041324.8

Parent Comments;


  • Needed an introduction to horsemanship skills, progression etc.
  • We had a wonderful time and learned a lot.
  • Liked most the students interaction with parents, also thought the equine therapy was excellent learning tool.
  • I enjoyed and benefited greatly from the weekend. Highlights included seeing our son’s growth, honesty & insight. Connecting with our son, by means of the cross talk, seminar, & equine, I felt I learned a lot about boundaries.
  • Since this was my fist parent days I don’t have anything to judge it by other than our son’s previous school. The structure and the informality of the sessions made for a very enjoyable and informative visit. I have nothing but the utmost respect for everyone at D.R. Thanks for a great weekend
  • I missed some events due to looking after my other son, but enjoyed the bits I could attend. We are delighted to see improvement in Matthew and have a chance to interact with him in the Ranch activities.
  • We have a lot of confidence in this program. It’s great to talk with other parents who have been through challenging experiences with their kids.
  • Great food, friendly staff, fun and entertaining talent show. Include kids more in parent seminar, but continue to have some parents’ only time.
  • Everything went smoothly the second time around and working in smaller groups we got better & did things quicker. Everything was just wonderful. Thank you to all.
  • We’re going to miss this place & everyone here.
  • Having a parent day just for the boys was very good. We were able to concentrate on issues related to our sons without the extra issues associated with the girls.
  • It was wonderful! Can’t think of anything I’d change.
  • I appreciated the tone that the staff created. The days together provide us with lots of opportunities and experiences to grow as a family. I learned a lot about our family dynamics as well as myself. I appreciated the warmth, openness and directness of staff (all staff). I feel like I get a chance to connect with other parents. This community is special-the warmth and caring are apparent. Thank you all!

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