Yesterday I visited the ranch and met with Evan, one of our grads from 2007. I couldn’t help notice the transformation – not just in the beautiful new office area where we met, but in Evan himself.  I remember meeting his dad during a Parents’ Seminar. He was understandably worried about his son and not really sure this New York boy would adjust and benefit from life on a Utah ranch.

The ensuing years have brought wonderful changes for Evan. He graduated from high school while at the ranch. He completed his therapeutic program, dealing with anger, defiance, and adoption issues, and moved on to a transitional program to help him prepare for college. He’s planning a career in the IT industry and proudly shows me the beautiful silver medallion that represents his years of sobriety.

While the rain poured down outside I listened as Evan explained how he still uses DBT today – although he says he can’t remember most of the acronyms – and how he thinks good communication has become the key to good relationships with his family, his coworkers and friends.

Congratulations, Evan. Your strength in your struggles has made us better too.

Watch for an upcoming video of Evan on our Videos page.