Treatment Objectives


The Treatment Objectives of Discovery Ranch

  1. Healthy PERCEPTION of SELF and thinking. In other words, helping students realize, Whatever life throws at me, I can handle it. Discovery Ranch assists each student to discover their own identity and how they can tap into their own individual potential. Students will be able to work on and control behavior errors on the outside by examining personal thinking errors on the inside. Each student can impact their quality of life and feelings about themselves as they develop the ability to choose their own cognitive process, belief or attitude about themselves or others. We develop this by providing various activities, challenges, and experiences where they can learn, practice and internalize their own self worth.
  2. Loving and Validating RELATIONSHIPS: True health and happiness requires love and validation. At Discovery Ranch we strive to develop within every student self-love and validation so as to eliminate destructive behaviors that tend to be love substitutes. As an individual learns to love himself or herself, he/she is able to develop and maintain positive relationships. Students will learn and internalize skills to properly develop and maintain relationships. We will provide each family the necessary support and therapy to assist in the development of family growth and change.
  3. SKILLS for life: Discovery Ranch teaches and helps internalize coping skills that will be utilized to develop not only a life worth living, but, an effective and happy life. The highly experiential campus will provide an environment to practice learned skills, so as to internalize through doing.
  4. Personal ACCOUNTABILITY: (personal integrity) Critical to adolescent growth is the development of following through or doing that which you have committed to do. Accountability breeds responsible adolescents who are able to make healthy choices. We will provide sufficient structure and mindfulness to allow a youngster to see the big picture, which will allow them to make insightful choices and lasting change.

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