I would tell parents considering the ranch that they would be doing their child a chance for an experience of a lifetime by sending their son or daughter to discovery. As a former student I am aware that my (as well as all other clients) physical as well as emotional safety was always a concern of either the staff or my therapist.

Caseloads are small so group therapy is a place where after learning my fellow housemates I felt comfortable sharing information and receiving feedback from others who may have once been feeling the same way.

The level program at DR ensures that all students who comply learn lifelong tools such as structure, organization, responsibility, accountability and leadership skills. There are therapy groups to help students cope with their old/ current behaviors. When I arrived at the ranch I was seventeen and four months behind in school.

Discovery ranch’s unique style of school made it possible for me to raise my GPA and catch up in my school work so I graduated on time. Ultimately coming to the ranch is generally a huge transition and although the time spent at the ranch is at times very challenging, it left me with a sense of accomplishment. Discovery gave me the tools to better myself and helped me apply them and even though I may have cried several times throughout my stay wanting to go home, my last day I was crying wanting to stay.