Community Service

Service brings a unique form of personal satisfaction. That is why Discovery Ranch provides a variety of different community service opportunities. Your son will have the opportunity to look outside of himself and make a positive difference in his community. As he helps others, he will build self-esteem, heal, and grow. 

VIP Buddy Sports League

Your son may be paired with a child with a physical or mental disability in a VIP Buddy Sports League. He will teach basic sports skills to his buddy. Then he will cheer his buddy on during the game as they play side by side. Parents of the children with disabilities have said that without this program, their children would not be able to participate in sports.

Community Beautification

Your son will become part of the Discovery Ranch tradition of improving our community. To date, Discovery Ranch students have planted more than 600 trees throughout Springville City. He will also work with the city of Mapleton to prepare baseball fields for the season. In addition, he will have the chance to work with the U.S. Forest Service to maintain and prepare trails in Provo Canyon.

Caring for Elderly

Your son will make a difference in the lives of elderly citizens. He may help elderly people who still live at home by shoveling walkways in the winter, or cleaning up their yard in the spring and the fall. Your son might also spend time visiting with elderly people.

Voluntary Sub for Santa Program

Discovery Ranch also has a voluntary Sub for Santa program. Parents who choose to participate are asked to send their son one less present during the holiday season. Then parents donate the money to the Sub for Santa program. If you choose to participate, your son will have the chance to play Santa as he shops for gifts for a local family in need. He may be able to deliver the carefully selected gifts.