Trail Ride Jan. 2012

January in Utah is usually snowy and cold. But this year we caught a break from Mother Nature. With little or no snow up Diamond Fork Canyon we took the opportunity to take our advanced equine students on a two hour trail ride.

This ride was extra special because the horses are graduate of our colt training program. We’ve raised these horses practically since they were born. Teaching the horses to trust us and to learn how to be good saddle horses is a therapeutic exercise for our students. It was very rewarding for our students to see how much progress these horses have made to get to the point where they can be safely ridden.

The students themselves have made a lot of progress. They had to pass a riding test and an education test in order to be eligible for the advanced equine group. We call it advanced equine but it’s actually advanced relationships. We use this experiential activity as an opportunity to teach higher relationship principles like honesty, respect, and responsibility. The students understand we have higher expectations for them because of the trust required to earn privileges such as the trail ride. by Jerry Christensen, Equine Director