17-18 Year Old Transition

Discovery Ranch has a unique 17-18-Year-Old Transition Program. If your son turns 18 while he is at Discovery Ranch, then he has the option of continuing his treatment. He must be enrolled at Discovery Ranch before his 18th birthday in order to be eligible. Also, he must also receive a recommendation from his therapist. Finally, he must sign a new, adult contract on his birthday.

As part of his contract, he must agree to complete coursework for his high school diploma and to finish his therapeutic treatment plan. We will help him to earn his high school diploma. 18-year-old students participate in the same academic, experiential, and extracurricular activities as the rest of our student body.

Often times these older students have leadership opportunities through our peer leadership program and based upon their level in the program they can experience much of the exciting fun in our beautiful mountain surroundings including off-campus trail rides, skiing at a local ski resort and or participating with our winning cross-country track team. With lakes and hiking trails within minutes of the ranch our options for experiential activities is exciting! We look forward to working with you and your family through the therapeutic process.